Waldorf a woman asshole dating

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On the off chance that your efforts to make your weekly screen time report slightly less horrifying have finally paid off, you may have missed some major news: Gossip Girl is back. But this time, instead of simply serving deer looks and quotes sprinkled with alliteration, the new Gossip Girl is a reminder of our looming mortality. Gossip Girl has always been savage, but the game has clearly changed this time around. I have never felt a gut punch quite like when Luna La declared in the premiere that Zara should be banned east of Lex.

If you watched Gossip Girl 2. You are no better than a group of private school teachers who legitimately thought they could go viral with a single tweet from a Twitter with no followers. Yes, even if you guffawed at the quip about Olivia Jade gaining followers when Lori Loughlin went to jail. We all should have had Gossip Girl referencing that scandal on our bingo cards.

We can love the series even though it may not love us back, like squeezing a squirming dog that does not want to be cuddled with. We all deserve that much.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

Nobody wants to see you roll up to your 9 to 5 with like, shaved eyebrows. Anyone who knows me knows that I think Gossip Girl is the holy grail of terrible TV, and in these times, it has brought me a lot of comfort. So me in taking a walk down memory lane. I obviously had to start with the messiest show of all time. In the first and best season, the couples kind of make sense since the characters are all supposed to be juniors in high school and the writers have lots to work with.

Nate and Blair have allegedly been dating for 10 years which means they started seeing each other when they were six, k and Dan and Serena start dating.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

Again, this all seems normal. I stan! Unrelated, but after season four, everyone just stopped going to college and no one acknowledges it. Ugh, come on, you guys! I truly believe this was one of the best shows literally ever. Anyway, as its name implies, the main characters are all married, but there is one singleton who I absolutely live for.

Is it just me or does that sound like an intro on a Bravo show? Even though I love Edie as much as I love this show, which is a lot, I always thought that plot line was kind of weird and pointless. Unlike my experience with Gossip Girl, I watched this show when it was on television and have not thought about it since, so my knowledge of inconspicuous details is pretty unimpressive.

After she seriously dated Nathan! Does that make them the Dan and Serena of this show? What did I miss? Are there any other shows where the cast loves to bang each other? Let me know in the comments! I digress. For those of you who forgot who she is, allow me to remind you. Mhmm, makes sense. Anyway, if I had to pick the worst thing about Juliet, it would have to be the way she dresses. Literally, all of her Waldorf a woman asshole dating are different yet heinous versions of the same business-professional dress with a cropped blazer over it. When I was in college, I literally wore jeans and sweaters every goddamn day.

Aside from her sartorial errors. Also, her whole purpose on this show is to, like, physically injure Serena and get her expelled from college, which is pretty shameful. Even Georgina would disapprove of this. This is another character whose circumstances really confused me. Two felonies for the price of one! How did this affair even work? Safe to say, this woman needs therapy. Sorry not really to all of the Vanessa die-hards, but she plainly sucks. Like, she was at literally every dance, party, and study session of the Constance girls and then at the Columbia alumni events.

Why do all of these people in positions of power take no more than two seconds to consider whether or not they want to commit a crime?

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

I take more time deciding between two identical pale pink nail polishes than Tripp did to pin a car crash on his mistress. All in all, he was not hot enough to act that smug and condescending, and I was truly elated when Serena told us Dan that she left in him in Argentina.

And there you have it, the worst random characters in Gossip Girl! Did I leave any out? Let me know who you hated the most in the comments! Until next time, Upper East Siders. A girl can only buy so many new bags and eat so much caviar in one day, especially when my private pilot refuses to fly me to France. People are just so rude these days. Being hot and wealthy is just so predictable. Desperate times, kiddies.

Still, something as simple as not being invited has never stopped her before. Some things never change.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

Talk about predictable, S. Speaking of Lonely Boy… on one hand, Dan wants to do something to help society, he really does. Actually, do. Illegally, of course. Nothing makes people thirsty quite like a pandemic. Wonder what B thinks of this endeavor? Might be time to just cut the cord, B.

After deing a line of chic hazmat suits, it seems Jenny is the pariah of the fashion industry. Only those born wealthy get to be insensitive, J. The crazy part? Poor Little J. Luckily, Lonely Boy is most likely too busy being a pretentious prick to fall for her schemes.

Just kidding. While she might seem totally irrelevant, Vanessa is using this time to really work on herself and her filmmaking. Good luck! All this extra time spent at home with Lily has given Eric ample opportunity to grow some more janky facial hair and frost his tips.

What else is he doing? No one cares, but you can bet it involves a semi-attractive guy and lots of judgment from his mother. After leaving her ex? Amazingly, neither has the CDC. Each guest will be given a gift bag with Louis Vuitton embossed toilet paper, and Lily will spend the event lying to her guests saying that Serena is volunteering in Europe to help those in need.

Even in the middle of a worldwide Waldorf a woman asshole dating, Penelope is too busy brown-nosing Blair to do anything of real value. Better luck next pandemic, P. For a guy who has a serious chip on his shoulder, he sure does have a lot of girls chasing after him.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

Still, with Blair and Nelly working together and Chuck footing the billwe might actually have a shot of beating this thing. Guess brains, money, and power really might save the world. Is Bart really dead? Was he behind the global pandemic? Did he bring the virus over to get back at Lily for leaving him and is hoping to cause an economic crisis to then poach the stock market? Gotta be honest, I watched only binge watched Gossip Girl once, and once was all I needed. Both of those Chucks never had to worry about typical high school things like grades or getting random boners during class feel like Nate in both settings would have to worry about the latter, though.

But first off: Chuck in the novels barely dated Blair, and it happened for only a year when they were in Oxford together. He did assault Jenny in the novel and the show, and shame on CW for being so forgiving and romanticizing him after that. But as the series went on, it was alluded to that Chuck was bisexual.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

He was forced to go to military school by his dad, but he never showed face to orientation or classes. Overall, the biggest difference between novel Chuck and TV Chuck is that TV Chuck was portraying as a brooding, smoldering dude, whereas novel Chuck was just an asshole with little to no redeeming qualities.

Waldorf a woman asshole dating

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