Seeking something to fill the void

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Melissa is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. She writes about communication, entrepreneurship and success on Lifehack. Read full profile. Although you know a little about what you enjoy and want from life and what you want to achieve in future, you are still feeling empty and find yourself tortured by episodes of loneliness. Inner emptiness is caused by a lack of love, according to psychology expert Dr.

Margaret Paul. We try to fill the void with food, relationships, work, and things that are supposed to distract our attention. Emptiness can be caused by an unfulfilling job, a lack of close friendships, a toxic relationship, or a simple lack of self-love and compassion. Understanding emptiness calls us to learn more about our inner feelings. Sometimes, emptiness feels like an inner void or emotional numbness Advertising. It may manifest as anxiety or depression if it has become a long-term feeling. Some people who struggle with a chronic sense of emptiness had parents who were incapable of intimate relationships with them.

When you do not get enough love and attention in childhood, you start to believe that you are not good enough. That means that the real cause of inner emptiness is a lack of emotional connection and demonstration of love. As a result, this feeling can travel through our lives like baggage. The lack of belonging becomes a traumatic imprint that becomes so acutely uncomfortable that we are willing to do anything we can to get away from that particular feeling. Although this feeling is not uncommon for many people, if left unattended, it can result in a mental illness, such as depression, or substance use disorders.

Furthermore, people tend to get out of this feeling with unhealthy habits, which increases the chance of alcohol and drug addiction. For these reasons, having a clue about what is really important to you will help to identify the cause of your feelings of emptiness. The key to fighting emptiness is to find out what you are missing. Is it a sense of belonging, meaning, or interpersonal connection? Here are several Seeking something to fill the void from leading experts on how to recognize and deal with inner emptiness.

According to Kaitlyn Slight, a marriage and family therapist in Raleigh, N. In order to be in a positive state of body and mind, you can spend several minutes meditating or exercising.

Seeking something to fill the void

The easiest way to rebalance yourself emotionally and physically is to take a warm bath. We think that we have to meet them by ourselves, but sometimes, it is important to ask for help. Asking for help can resolve many Seeking something to fill the void issues and can be a first step towards meeting your needs. Just one introduction can lead to many new connections. Another way to stop feeling empty is through gratitude. Research suggests that feeling grateful is a very important positive emotion that allows people to expand their worldview and the view of themselves, which later le to building better social relations and skills.

This means that individuals who are thankful are also more satisfied with their relationships with friends and family. Try to be appreciative of what is around you by noticing all good things we take for granted. A simple compliment given during the day will show you how much positive energy you can create. If you enjoy writing, start a gratitude journal. Neurobiologists have found out that learning something new has motivational effects similar to dopamine, which le to emotional stimulation. You can tap into educational podcasts or YouTube videos to do this.

TED talks are often quite short, meaning you can squeeze some learning into even your busiest of days. If you like to read, buy a few used books and make it a goal to finish them within a certain time frame. Even fiction books have a lot to teach about the human condition and psychology, so just find something that interests you.

Many people cannot identify the reason behind this feeling, no matter how long they analyze themselves and search for a problem. You can also seek out support groups in order to connect with others who may be experiencing similar problems. Finding the cause of inner emptiness can be a long, challenging process. However, instead of distracting yourself by filling this emptiness with things like shopping, food, alcohol, and drugs, find out what makes you feel incomplete and regain your happiness.

Featured photo credit: Fabrizio Verrecchia via unsplash. These five refer to physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs. I spent 44 years coaching basketball and each day at practice, I was trying to motivate our athletes to give their best effort.

These needs represent the most basic human survival needs. They include food, water, rest, and breathing, and all four have importance in athletics. Food has had an evolution in the world of athletics. As time went on, the pre-game meal became important. Steak seemed to be the meal of choice early in the evolution. Research then indicated pasta would be the better choice. Today, I think most coaches prefer pasta. However, if the players are ordering from menus, some coaches believe the players should stick with their regular diets and order accordingly.

At our University of St. Francis athletic seminars, we invited nutritionists to speak and to educate our players on their nutritional habits. He adheres to a specific, disciplined diet that has allowed him to play superb football at age Water also has had an evolution in sports. It went from not being allowed in practices to coaches scheduling water breaks during the practices. Rest is extremely important in all sports, and statistics validate its importance. NBA research found that during the course of the season teams win 6 of 10 games at home but only 4 of 10 on the road.

In the NBA playoffs, the statistics change to 6. Many coaches believe rest is Seeking something to fill the void key factor to these statistics because the players are sleeping in their own beds for home games. Our St. Francis basketball team found the importance of breathing on a trip to play in a tournament in Colorado. In our first game, we were playing great and winning by 12 points early in the game. Then the altitude kicked in, adversely affected our breathing, and we lost the lead and eventually the game. In our second game, having learned our lesson, we substituted more frequently!

Safety needs include protection from violence, emotional stability and well-being, health security, and financial security. If a fight breaks out during a basketball game, there can be serious injuries. This is the reason a coach steps in immediately when there is any violence or dirty play in practice. The coach must protect the players. You drill your teams to play hard—never dirty.

The importance of emotional stability has gained more credence in sports in recent years. Many teams hire psychologists to help work with their players. There is a great deal of player failure in sports and it is critical for the players to stay emotionally stable. Health security is much more prevalent in sports today than in my playing days. I once got a concussion during a basketball game. We had no trainers. Games today have trainers available to protect the health of the athletes. Financial security is predominant in professional sports. Most players today use free agency to go where the money is because they consider sport not to be a sport at all.

Seeking something to fill the void

They believe it is a short-term business at their level. I personally appreciate the athletes who have taken less money so the team can retain teammates or use the dollars to bring in new players.

Seeking something to fill the void

I think coaches say this because the season can be a tough grind. Practices, scouting, film work, travel, and problems that arise take a toll on coaches. However, when you have teams that give all they have every night in practice, you do come to love them. I was especially interested in watching it because I knew a player on the team who used to come to our camps. Terry Gannon played a major role in their championship. The program was a reunion of their players. This was 20 plus years from their title, and if you were to take one thing away from the show, it would be how much the players loved each other.

In the last analysis, sport is all about relationships. You can meet former teammates with whom you played 40 to 50 years earlier and that athletic bond is as strong as it ever was. Even though 50 years had passed since they played together, the bond among them never waned.

Seeking something to fill the void

Love and belonging epitomize the essence of sports. These needs are characterized by self-respect and self-esteem. Often the players on the bench are the ones the coach respects the most because they work so hard in practices yet receive none of the glory. The best coaches never let the starters or stars ever denigrate the players on the bench.

Seeking something to fill the void

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