Port 14740 topless beach girls

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Port 14740 topless beach girls

Look for them in the presented list. The Beach Girls Genre: Comedy. Country: USA. Duration: 91 min. Story: School is out, and three girls head to the beach for vacation. Two of the girls are world-wise party-goers who attempt to loosen up their naive, virginal friend, whose uncle has allowed the girls to stay at his beach house.

When the near-sighted, drug smuggling Captain Bly dumps his cargo of marijuana, the bales wash up on shore. The two party girls, Ginger and Ducky, quickly stuff the dope into giant bags and spirit it back to the beach house, where it fuels a party with assorted misfits, delivery persons, and passersby. Style: teen sex comedy, psychotronic, cult film, sex comedy.

Port 14740 topless beach girls

Plot: beach, party, bikini, older man young girl relationship, mud wrestling, topless sunbathing, nude sunbathing, love, sex, teenager, dog, dancing, poker, death, volleyball, marijuana, female nudity, sex scene, striptease, summer, drugs, seduction, threesome, swimming, vacation Movie in beach. Most similar movies to The Beach Girls The list contains related movies ordered by similarity. Recommendation engine sorted out sexy, sex comedy, humorous and realistic films with plots about female nudity, bare breasts, nudity full frontal - briefbikini, sex, beach and sex scene mostly in Comedy, Romance and Action genres.

The matching attributes are highlighted in bold. Subscribe for new and better recommendations:. Summer Job Duration: 92 min. Story: In this adolescent comedy a Port 14740 topless beach girls of college girls get summer jobs at a posh Florida resort and have assorted adventures when they begin competing for the best jobs and for the affections of a hunky male staff member.

Style: sex comedyteen sex comedy. Plot: sex on the beach, lifeguard, summer job, sex scenenippleslingerie, toplessbikinicasual sex, blonde woman, sweater, hotel manager Yes No. South Beach Academy Story: Brothers come to the aid of their uncle, who bet his Miami beach-sports school on a fixed volleyball game. Style: sexy. Audience: teens. Plot: volleyballbeachsummer camp, sex scenebeach volleyballkicked in the head, bikinitied to a bed, abduction, erotica, female nuditybound and gagged American Pie 2 Duration: min.

Story: The whole gang are back and as close as ever. They decide to get even closer by spending the summer together at a beach house. They decide to hold the biggest party ever to be seen, even if the preparation doesn't always go to plan.

Style: sex comedyteen sex comedyhumorous, realistic, not serious Audience: teens, teen comedy, date night, girls' night. Plot: partylooking for sex, student life, masturbation, beach housefarceyouth, couples, wooing, sexual attraction, sexual activity, sexual exploration Time: 21st century, contemporary, s. Place: usa, michigan.

Port 14740 topless beach girls

Malibu Beach Duration: 96 min. Story: Day or night, it's a hot and wild summer at Malibu Beach. When the sun is high, it's Dina's Kim Lankford job to patrol the area. Being the hot new lifeguard on duty isn't as easy as you'd think -- there's the older, Style: humorous, feel good, sexual, realistic, semi serious Plot: beachteenagercruise, partysummerswimmingseductionvacationcruising, when the parents are away, high school life, teenage life Time: 70s.

Place: malibu california. Movie in collections. Hardbodies Duration: 88 min. Story: Three middle-aged daddies visit California to have a marvelous time at the beach. When they learn that a nice apartment and an expensive cabriolet isn't enough for them to score with the chicks, they employ a student to help them. At first Style: teen sex comedysex comedycult filmpsychotronicrealistic Plot: beach housebeacholder man younger woman relationshipswimsuit, middle aged, cheesecake, teaching the ways of the world, infidelitymidlife crisis, sexual relations, looking for sex, friendship Time: 80s, 20th century.

Place: usa, california.

Port 14740 topless beach girls

Bachelor Party Story: This outrageously funny look at one man's final moments of bachelorhood stars Tom Hanks as Rick, reluctant recipient of a bachelor bash given by a group of friends who view partying as their full-time religion. Style: humorous, sexy, not serious, light, entertaining Audience: boys' night, teens. Plot: wedding, partynudity full frontal - briefsexual perversion, disorder, nothing goes right, buddies, drinking alcohol, drinking, tennis, dark humor, group of friends Time: 80s.

Place: los angeles, israel. Hardbodies 2 Story: A film crew is travelling from America to Greece to produce a movie. Before their work is done they will have to face many unusual situations, along with numerous opportunities for the actresses to take their clothes off. Style: sexy, not serious, realistic, sexual, humorous Plot: beachfilmmaking, butt nakedfriends, couples, strong sexual content, disorder, nudity full frontal - briefprofanity, looking for sex, sexual relations, flowers Time: 20th century, 80s.

Place: greece, europe. Last Resort Duration: 84 min. Story: George Lollar takes his family on vacation with "Club Sand", a shoddy and untrustworthy company. On their tropical island, they find soldiers everywhere, an unhelpful staff, inhospitable accomodation and undesirable holiday makers, but Style: sexy, sex comedy. Plot: exotic island, family vacation, ant, nudity full frontal - briefsmoking a t, woman punches a man, partisan, female nudityvacationsexuality, setting a fire, walking in the woods Malibu Spring Break Duration: 77 min.

Story: Two Arizona girls head out to the Malibu beaches for a springbreak of partying and fun in the sun. It also stars Kristin Novak and Charity Rahmer. Plot: beachsummersurfer, tan linebikinihousekeeper, female nudityfemale removes her clothespanties pulled down, blonde, mini skirt, seductive Deep Jaws Duration: 89 min. Story: A bankrupt studio schemes the government to finance a sexploitation mermaids film. Casting couches thus the already exploitive studio. Meanwhile, the Secretary of State arranges an affair with the studio head's buxom wife Henrietta.

Style: sex comedy. Plot: filmmaking, jeansmasturbation, sex in a swimming pool, tennis racket, crotch grab, girl in panties, mini skirt, telephone calllesbian cunnilingus, mermaid, limousine driver Also search: Movies Port 14740 topless beach girls to American Pie 7. Hot Moves

Port 14740 topless beach girls

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