Lookinf for someone to treat me right

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But what about when you have played the field for so long that you end up the lonely old lady? It happens all too often. My point is, stop looking for the boy you have to fix and never will and find a man that will treat you like a Queen. What does a good man actually look like? Here are 10 surprising s that a man will treat you right. My last relationship started off great. He was so sweet. He opened my car door and would do sweet little things for me all the time.

But I ignored the red flags like how he always played the victim and blamed others for his problems. Sure enough, as the relationship progressed he could do no wrong. Everything was always my fault. Good men are hard to find, but certainly not impossible. No man is perfect, but these characteristics are very basic. The years tend to fly by faster as we age. Up your standards and learn to turn the wrong ones away sooner than later.

Yes, there are exceptions if his family is toxic to him. It shows he will value you as well. A man that is close with the women in his life respects women. They also had no idea how to treat me the way I wanted to be treated either. A guy that will bash his family was never taught any respect and will bring you nothing but heartache.

When you go out to dinner, is he nice to the waiter? People can never fully hide their true colors.

Lookinf for someone to treat me right

The majority of people you will ever meet will let you down, so weed through them as quickly as possible to get the keepers. Find a man that treats everyone with kindness no matter who they are. There is nothing wrong with wanting a man that pays attention to the details. He should be able to notice if your uncomfortable and try to do what he can to change that.

End that quick because he will not change. The worst thing you can do is date a guy that shares different political, religious, or child rearing views as you. But usually, that will start a fight at some point. I am a Christian and would never date a non-Christian. Men are passionate about real life issues. Boys only care about the superficial aspects of life and will always care more about themselves than you.

No one likes an obsessive partner, but sometimes they mask their clinginess as just loving your company. We all enjoy being with our new love interests, but being with them all the time is unhealthy. We all need to continue living our lives and add our new partners in. Not let them take over completely. Make sure your guy has a life other than just you.

Anyone that submerges themselves in another person has some underlying issues. How do I know this? If you want those things, then find someone that values those things too.

Lookinf for someone to treat me right

But pretty early on those topics should come up. You need to find out where he stands. Is he scared of commitment? Where is he looking for your relationship to go? If the answer is who knows. What is the point of dating unless you see a future together? A man should want to show his woman that he adores her in every way he can. Now, us women need to realize he has a life too. The biggest mistake I see women make is expecting too much from a man.

Relationships are give and take. Not just take, take, take. But if he would always rather hang with his buddies than spend time with you…RUN! You are worth so much more than to be some jerks plaything that he can have whenever he wants. Ever had a guy not text back for days or never texts you first? Yea, me too. Find a man that is straight forward and is confident in himself not to playing childish games.

Nobody has time for all of that. A good guy will go out of his way to let you know he cares and not leave you wondering. I hate superficial conversations! They are the worst. A good man is a smart man. And smart men think about more things than just partying and snagging chicks. Bring up something that you like even if you feel silly and see what he says.

Lookinf for someone to treat me right

Does he laugh at you? Time to say goodbye! No one should ever make you feel dumb for what you enjoy. We all have a lot to learn from each other and real men embrace that fact. Does he post trashy stuff all the time to his Facebook? We all have our personal preferences. Some things just need to stay private and that would totally embarrass me if my family adds him as a friend. He should never choose you over them. Make time for you, yes. But ignore them because of you, no. If you think he will be any different when you have a kid together you are kidding yourself.

Only the worst kind of human being could be happy not being around their own flesh in blood. Can you think of any other s of a man that will treat you right? Let me know in the comments below. Love this article? Share it with your friends on Facebook. Best wishes to you! This is dead on! I have been through a lot. And this is just the post I needed to read at this moment to not feel guilty about saying NO and walking away from someone who is not for me.

Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful and truthful post. Hi, Steph!

Lookinf for someone to treat me right

Never feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Good luck! Jessica, First and foremost, thank you for your service to our country! I am deeply evaluating whether or not to continue in a year marriage that has been sucking the life out of me for a decade or better. Your post is well timed, and a good reminder of some of the red flags I have observed along the way.

I am offering one more trait for other women to evaluate, and that is whether a man is capable of answering a direct question. If he is not, he may be practicing diversion or deflection to avoid honesty. Without honesty and openness, there can be no trust. Without trust, there is no ground for a relationship. Be vigilant for and wary of double standards, Ladies! Thank you, Cindy? I hope your marriage is salvageable, but I understand the feeling of being miserable in a relationship.

Yes, many men avoid questions and shift the blame on their woman. It can be extremely stressful. Great tip! Thank you Krystal for your kind words! Great post but old and unattractive???? Mature people can be beautiful.

Lookinf for someone to treat me right

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What You Learn From Someone Who Treats You Right