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I am a new customer of Midwest Dental Rockford and was completely satisfied with every single person I came in contact with. Very friendly, nice, thoughtful, helpful, informative staff. My best dental experience ever! Anne is the best dentist I have ever came to! She is very professional and takes her time to make sure everything is perfect!

She has a great eye on detail and is very careful with her work! I would trust her with any work that needs to be done on my teeth. She is the best of the best and definitely the best in the Midwest! Anne was great.

Lady want sex IL Rockford 61104

Didn't feel like I was going to a shady mechanic that was going to say, " if we don't change the engine, your car will explode! The staff were all so kind and explained everything very well. I really appreciate the time and effort they put into making my experience comfortable and informative.

Diona is always very kind and organized with everything upon arrival and after my appt. Lisa is a wonderful hygienist and the reason we have stayed over the years! I had oral surgery at 15 and it took me 13 years to find a dentist to trust. Everybody at Midwest Dental has been phenomenal! I have had all good experiences and even my little girls enjoy going to the dentist. No fear! Thank you! We love Midwest Dental! Our family dentist for several years. We appreciate them locating in Midtown, which makes it very convenient for us. The dentist was awesome he was extremely thorough and showed me how to properly take of my teeth and explained everything that needs to be done and how we're going to go about getting it done I really appreciated the service he provided.

My boyfriend made me and appointment here. I had been in pain for almost 2 weeks.

Lady want sex IL Rockford 61104

My teeth are already in pretty bad shape and have been for some time. And due to bad past experiences at dentists I was terrified and my anxiety was through the roof. But after going in and getting my x-rays and exam I felt so at ease and comfortable. The ladies there were so nice and made me feel so comfortable and they were willing to do what they could to help me and I will be forever grateful for these wonderful ladies here.

I go back for a cleaning and 2 extractions and I will continue to come back here for all my dental needs! Absolutely love it there. I would definitely recommend this place. I have to say today squelched all my fears and apprehensions regarding visiting the Dentist! From the minute I walked through the door I was greeted with much care and kindness and professionalism. Front office staff were on top of everything, making my first impression a great one!

Then my new and forever Dentist Dr. Z came out to greet me as well. She explained that I would go for xrays and then we would consult on options. I was taken back for xrays and the Dental Assistant was very attentive to my needs, as I am an oxygenated individual and I believe she could read my anticipation Z arrived and helped with a couple of xrays that were a little tricky due to bone growth, and consulted with me regarding options. She assured me that all was not as bad as I had anticipated after my long absence of dental care.

Lady want sex IL Rockford 61104

The Dental Hygenist was SO caring and attentive, as I needed to have a "deep cleaning" and showed great care by asking " how are you doing" often. She preformed her duties with no anesthesia and was gentle but determined to make certain I walked away with knowledge and a greater awareness about oral hygiene, and oral care. The hygienist was so professional and nice her and the dentist took the time to explain everything to me which made me feel so comfortable with my service.

Went in to have my teeth cleaned and checked to Midwest Dental. Very impressed by the very friendly and considerate staff. Did excellent job cleaning my teeth, x-rays, and explaining the problems that they found two teeth with deep infections and setting me up with the appropriate referral to have the infection treated.

Lady want sex IL Rockford 61104

Definitely worth checking out. Excellent work, friendly, courteous staff and fair prices. Wonderful people! Very kind and gentle and explained everything very well. I would recommend them in an instant! I had a cavity and Dr. Z knew that the tooth was left very week. Why she did not save my tooth then and there I was told was due to they we not sure if it needed a root canal.

Needless to say the tooth broke of to point of no repair!!!!!

Lady want sex IL Rockford 61104

Not to mention I was then informed that she was going to home for the next week. I had a family reunion of sorts coming up, to meet my biological fathers family for the first time. I have been searching for them for ONLY 40yrs!!! I ended up going to their sister company.

Lady want sex IL Rockford 61104

I had to pay out of pocket to have the work done on order to have it done in time for the reunion. I am very disappointed in the care I received. Have had no issues with the dentisty at Midwest Dental. I was flossing and removed a cap, called and was seen right away. Staff is super friendly.

Excellent work by Dr. Z on a filling replacement. She is quick, has small hands so my mouth wasn't stretched, and no pain was felt afterward. Great job, and I am coming back! When he told us he was moving I cried. The new dentist just isn't the same. I had a filling over a month ago and still have pain in my jaw. Never had we ever had any issues until the new dentist. We will be switching dentists unfortunately. I have had a terrible experience dealing with Midwest dental. I had an implant done by a surgeon and had no problems. After my surgery I went into this office to have a temporary implant placed.

Which was fine. One day my implant broke and I had to go in to fix it and the dentist made me a new temp ever since then my temp falls out every couple weeks. The dentist who started this process moved out of country the new dentist said she didn't feel comfortable placing my tooth in? Not sure why. The assistant has been doing it for me. My tooth has once again fallen out and they will not place it back into my mouth mind you this is my very front tooth 7. So now I'm sitting here toothless with no urgency to put my tooth back in my mouth.

Lady want sex IL Rockford 61104

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