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ESPN Daily kicks off your morning with the best sports story you'll hear all day. Monday through Friday, host Pablo Torre brings you an inside look at the most interesting stories at ESPN, as told by the top reporters and insiders on the planet. Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy where the breaking news of SportsCenter meets the deep dive storytelling of 30 for Apple Podcasts. Depending on the day and time, recent episodes might only appear in the playlist above. Jul 8: Definition Please? Inside the Scripps National Spelling Bee. It's finally here!

Host Kevin Negandhi shares how the bee works, and why it means so much to the Indian-American community. Hear about the fierce field of competitors, and see how Kevin and Pablo do with a word or two. It was a vintage CP3 performance, complete with surgical pick-and-rolls, attacking drives to the rim, and opportunistic outside jumpers. Kevin Arnovitz has covered Paul for years, and explains why he is finding success at this stage of his career, after so many seasons of heartbreak. He also explains what the Bucks need to do to slow down the Suns, and why the series isn't over just yet.

Then, we check in with Sam Borden in London, who brings us a soccer and culinary update from the Euros semifinals. But do you know the background voices on the hit song belong to two Detroit Lions? Plus the story gets even better, as Farr and Barney helped Marvin Gaye take his dream of playing pro football to the next level. Justin Tinsley s the show to tell the amazing story of football's role in Marvin Gaye's turbulent life. Jeremy Schaap, boxing historian and host of E60 and Outside the Lines, shares Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy political and cultural views were projected onto Ali and Frazier, with their different personalities, history and fighting styles.

The night itself was a grand celebrity spectacle Frank Sinatra took a gig as a photographer, just to get in the building. And while Frazier won unanimously, the fight has a more complex and nuanced legacy. Half a century later, it remains one of the sports' biggest moments. July 1, marks a new era in college sports. It's a day which some believed would never come, because student-athletes are now free to make money off of their name, image, and likeness. Many stars at the collegiate level have already begun to partake in their newfound compensatory freedom, but what will these game changing new laws mean for the collegiate world as a whole?

ESPN's Dan Murphy s Sarah Spain to answer all of our questions on how schools, players, and fans are being affected by these uncharted waters. Then, Sarah shares her insights on the struggles that Olympic mothers face, as many remain unsure if they are allowed to bring their newborns to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Major League Baseball's crackdown is underway on pitchers using foreign substances for better grip. Questions remain about how smart a move this was to make in the middle of the season, and if it is having the effect that MLB wants.

Then, Sarah reflects on Bobby Bonilla Day, and a Yankees bat girl who finally saw her dream came true, 60 years after writing a letter to the team. Jun P. Subban on the Stanley Cup Final. Subban, who played sevens seasons for the Canadiens, shares what it means for most storied franchise in the NHL to be back playing for the Cup after last winning it nearly 30 years ago. Standing in their way are the reigning Stanley Cup champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are looking to be the first team to repeat since the Pittsburgh Penguins in Subban explains what the Canadiens need to do to complete their Cinderella run, and how the Lightning can make even more history en route to their third championship.

Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy

He also tells the story of his childhood friend and teammate Steven Stamkos Then, Sarah shares her thoughts on Dak Prescott opening up about the importance of mental health. Simone Biles has been the face of USA Gymnastics ever since she began competing on the international stage. The most decorated gymnast of all time has sealed her position on the U. Olympic roster for the second straight games, and will travel to Tokyo with a scary good team. The NBA Conference Finals are heating up - especially for Khris Middleton, whose surge helped the Bucks come back to rout the Hawksand they lead the series The Hawks led for almost the entire game thanks to Trae Young, who got injured during the game but returned.

Propelled by veteran Chris Paul and young star Devin Booker, the Suns held a comfortable lead in Saturday's Game 4, until the final minutes when the Clippers closed the gap and nearly held the lead. Then, a bizarre final minute It's a dream year in the making.

Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy

High jumper Priscilla Frederick-Loomis will do anything to support her training for the Olympics, even clean strangers' houses. For more information on this episode, visit nationalgeographic. Leroy Sims recently appeared to talk about leading the vaccine rollout for the NBA. And learn how Japanese athletes are getting the vaccine before the general public. The Olympics has had a turbulent history. Read our story about it and explore if a curse could explain why the Olympics gets disrupted so often.

Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy

If you like what you hear and want to support more content like this, please consider a National Geographic subscription. Go to natgeo. From meeting his childhood idol William "The Refrigerator" Perry, to the emotion of being sworn in as a US Citizen, Bennett's story truly captures the wonder and complexity of America. It's also the story of the magic of sports and its ability to bridge cultures.

And of course, Bennett offers his thoughts on England's chances in the Euro tournament as it he into the knockout round. Every four years, athletes compete for glory at the Olympic Games, and this year's Tokyo Games will feel even greater for two-time gold medalist Susan Francia.

Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy

Her mother, Dr. Teammates feed the player with the hot hand. Coaches draw up plays for the hot hand. But what if there is actually no such thing as the "hot hand? Author Ben Cohen penned a book on the subject, "The Hot Hand," and he s the show for a scientific heat check now that the conference finals are in full swing.

Is the burning sensation is a verifiable reality, or just a puff of smoke? Then, Pablo seeks to turn his park hobby into disc golf pro Paul McBeth's million dollar endorsement deal.

Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy

On Monday the Supreme Court unanimously ruled to uphold Alston v. It's largely seen as having opened the door to a wider challenge to the NCAA's ban on college athletes receiving compensation, writ large. ESPN Analyst Jay Bilas, college athlete and longtime critic of the NCAA's claims around amateurism, breaks down the latest chapter in the saga and what it means in the way that only he can.

The Bucks will meet the Hawks, following the thrilling finish to that series where the Hawks soared to victory, thanks to Trae Young's fourth quarter heroics. Brian Windhorst runs down every minute of NBA playoff action. At age 24, he's one of the league's premiere scorers. And his domination has continued this season, through the Phoenix Suns' playoff run - they're in the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 11 years. Formula 1 Racing has been incredibly popular overseas for decades.

Its drivers are some of the most well known and highest paid athletes in the world. But the world's most popular motorsport has never had much of a following in the U. But thanks in part to the hit Netflix series "F1: Drive to Survive," Formula 1 has now begun to make converts out of Americans, who have been sucked in by the high speed danger, as well as the soap opera drama behind the scenes.

Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy

Ryan McGee takes the wheel and gives us a crash course on everything we need to know about Formula 1. Then, Marc Spears explains what Juneteenth means to him. Summary: Australian two-time world champion Tyler Wright was born to surf. She achieved incredible victories in the water, while enduring tremendous loss in her personal life. This combination of fame and chaos nearly broke her. As she was falling in love with her then-girlfriend, Wright also wasn't sure her sport could accept her.

It took a crippling illness for Wright to decide she was not only going to keep surfing, but do so while being unapologetically herself. Alyssa Roenigk reports on this incredible journey. Jun Beef at the U. The U.

Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy Chat webcam en Alma Washington guy

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