Adirondack NY nude dating

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We have a serious understanding of one another and if she suggests something, I know I will take to it well. I would get paid to take photos of the surroundings, had a place to stay, and I wanted to get out of the city, so I made plans to travel 6 hours up to the highest mountains in New York and see what I would find.

B also mentioned some of her girlfriends were with her, and she only Adirondack NY nude dating herself with beautiful people, so I was excited to see who would show up. Most hippies annoy me with their pseudo-spirituality, lazy attitudes, and fear of making serious decisions, but there are some really good ones out there who are doing it right—I trusted that B had found good people.

I took the Metro North train out of the New York, got myself a car, and drove deep into the Adirondacks. Miles down dirt ro, and deep into the forest, I arrived at a big cabin on the top of a hill overlooking a lake. A beautiful woman came out of the cabin Adirondack NY nude dating I arrived, she was wearing a light sundress, and she had some of the most piercing eyes I have ever seen.

Make yourself at home. B was there, completely naked, sitting in a circle with three other nude girls, and there was a naked guy sleeping under a tree. Is this a nudist colony or something? I pulled off my shorts, introduced myself to the other girls who were all smiles, and made a joke about how this was the first time I met people while completely naked, usually we had to get to know each other first. Looking at the girls, with their matted hair, makeup-free faces, and naked bodies laying in the grass, I could see that they were Adirondack NY nude dating genuinely beautiful, no adornments were required, and they were the opposite of the Instagram whores whom I have come to despise.

Me and B went swimming together in the lake and after, we sat in the sun smoking marijuana, and talking about our reasons for being. Circe came down, took off her dress, and dove nude into the water for a swim before coming out and suggesting that we all go down by the swamp for a mudbath. After another skinny dip in the lake with the girls, we went up to the cabin, and B made me tell them the story about my Camera Game book scandal.

I love telling that story because it says so much about the state of the world right now, and it is truly one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me. After, Circe took me on a tour of the property, I took photos of her, and she asked me what my purpose was. I find that as long as I just keep writing about whatever interests are guiding me, things seem to work out fine. For years I was obsessed with sex and seduction. I found what I was looking for, now its time for an evolution. We should do some ceremonies while you are here.

I agreed and was looking forward to it, I could tell Circe was the real deal and knew what she was doing. Back in the cabin, the girls tried to make gluten-free pizzas that came out like mushy piles of baby food, and we laughed and told stories until it got late. She was the epitome of femininity and grace, and was in love with my zest for life, fierce attitude, and rock-solid vision. The next day, I did some more shooting around the retreat in the morning, explored a lot of the trails that weaved in and out of the forest, and almost jumped out of my skin when an adult fox came trotting out of the trees right past me.

The look on the foxes face, and the determination to get to where it was going was all I needed to know it was heading to its den to feed kits. I got back to the cabin, told the girls about the fox, then Circe took me out back to a smaller cabin in the woods. She said I had already prepared for the first ceremony on my own by blending in with the forest, it was unusual the fox would trot by a human without fear, and she showed me where the ceremony would take place. In the little cabin, there was an alter in the center, it was like a dressed up massage table, dozens of crystals set in particular alignment, many talismans, paintings of chakra energy centers, and candles.

We would begin the ceremony before sunset, two hours before hand, I was to walk around the entire lake and meditate, eat 3 grams of Cubensis mushrooms, and drink a lot of water. I chewed the mushrooms as I walked around the lake, and by the time I got back to the cabin, they were kicked in full force. I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling and watched intense visualizations of the energy of the place manifest themselves. The forms the energy took were intense, I could tell that there had been some very, very terrifying trips in the room I was in, and avoided going to the dark places that were beckoning me.

We went into the small cabin, removed all of our clothes, and I laid on the alter face up while Circe lit incense and cleansed my body with smoke. I closed my eyes as she said an opening prayer that called on the spirits of good to assist her during the ceremony, and through my eyelids, there appeared the most beautiful place of worship I have ever seen. The small cabin had transformed into a massive temple where I was lying down on the floor looking up. Then Circe went to work, massaging my entire body with oils, pausing over places of trapped energy and working on them.

The memories that came up when she released the energy were powerful ones that needed to be reflected on. Old wrongs, both ones I had committed, and ones that were committed against me arose, my mind untangled them, and Circe pulled them out of my body like long ropes to be thrown overboard and out to sea. Just above my pelvis, she paused for a few moments, told me to breath very deeply in and out three times, then she plunged her fingers into my guts like a blunt spear.

Adirondack NY nude dating

Instead of giving into the pain, I controlled it with breathing for a few minutes until it finally dissipated to nothing. She plunged the spear in again, this time above my liver, and the pain was twice as strong.

Adirondack NY nude dating

I broke into a hard sweat while trying to stay conscious, and the breaths out turned into screams. This went on much longer than the first plunge, and it took a long time to control my breathing and conquer the intense pain. I could feel her energy connect fully with mine at that point, and she said she was ready to do some real work.

She prepared my body with more scented oils, Adirondack NY nude dating a line down the center of my chest, and said another prayer invoking the animals for help. Her face morphed into a Tigress, a big claw protruded from her fingertip, and she cut me open down the line that was drawn on my chest. This was exactly how the spirits had sliced me open during my first ayahuasca ceremony five years prior.

My chest opened up, out poured a tremendous amount of energy that filled the room, and when it ceased flowing, Circe went to work unraveling tangled pockets of energy that were inside me. Her face was changing from Tigress, to leopard, to wolf as she worked, and when I felt immense relief and fatigue, she paused to listen and stare through the window. A minute later, a crow flew by cawing loudly, and the calls pushed a ball of blue energy through the walls, Circe caught it in her paw, and placed it gently in the center of my chest.

Circe started laughing too, and after she closed my chest, she put her hand where the blue ball of energy was, and warmed it until it filled my entire body. I went out to the treeline behind the cabin and pissed out a glowing stream of used up energy that had been released during the ceremony. I watched it seep into the ground and disappear through the moss, to be soaked up by the plants and recycled into the air.

Adirondack NY nude dating

Back in the cabin, another girl had come in, I had spoke with her a little bit the day before, and could tell she was very curious about my way of living. She took off her robe in front of me, and Circe told me she was going to be doing a reading of my energy with her at the end of the ceremony. This part was pure bliss, especially when each of them hopped up on the table in order to rub my skin with their breasts and lay the entire weight of their bodies on mine.

After being rubbed down completely with oils and breasts, both of them stood over me with their palms out, I could feel the heat coming from them as they picked up my energy, and they did their readings:. You are loved by many. The extremely personal nature of the reading put me in a state of deep self-reflection, and when the girls left the cabin, I stayed there for a long time meditating.

I put some pants on, walked barefoot to the edge of the lake, and listened to the coyotes howling at the moon and preparing for the nights hunt. Back inside, after dinner, Circe explained the second part of the ceremony was going to involve a transformation—I was ready for it, and would be able to handle it based on my reaction to the first part, and it was going to be more intense than anything I had ever experienced.

Check out My Books for more detailed storytelling and strange Adirondack NY nude dating from around the world. Holy shit.

Adirondack NY nude dating

Better than 30 years of psychoanalysis. Undoing and draining energy abscesses from the past, from crazy parents, from fear. Pay them some gift of gratitude energy. You have to dig through a lot of garbage in order to be clear enough in order to have proper inner work done.

Adirondack NY nude dating

And a lot of it is terrifying to deal with. Keep an eye out here, my Twitter, and on my list. Beautiful story Goldmund. Headed to the jungle for a month for true change this time around. Doing the Adirondack NY nude dating and integrating the process is the hardest part. My family is Christian and I was raised in a public school. You have really inspired me to embody mine as well.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It sounded strange, but my trust for this woman runs deep. They have the following traits… — Goldmund Unleashed GoldmundUnleash December 26, I would get paid to take photos of the surroundings, had a place to stay, and I wanted to get out of the city, so I made plans to travel 6 hours up to the highest mountains in New York and see what I would find.

Circe looked at me with her ocean blue eyes, and she looked deep. Not one, but TWO! Good fox. Circe pulled her spear out of me and asked if I was Ok. It felt so good as it swarmed through my bloodstream that I started laughing uncontrollably. What happened the next evening will be told when the world is ready… Did you like that story? Comments Holy shit. Those girls will always have my gratitude, powerful ones they certainly are. Gonna be awesome. Lovely read again, thank you :. You are quite young, but on the path already. Take it well. Trackbacks … [Trackback] […] Information to that Topic: goldmundunleashed.

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Adirondack NY nude dating

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